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The Happy Lawyer Project is an inspirational podcast for young lawyers looking to find happiness in life with a law degree. Each episode provides the tips, advice, encouragement and inspiration you need to craft a life and career you love. Welcome to the Happy Lawyer Project!

Aug 21, 2018

On today's show Mr. Happy Lawyer Project joins me to give a quick update on what we’ve been up to this summer, what we’re excited for in the new year and we answer some of your burning questions. 


Jasmine on LinkedIn -- How do you know which practice areas to pursue and how to convince decision makers you can do the job? I know I can pick things up quickly –that’s what we do as lawyers, research law and apply. I am doing pro bono and plan to write/publish more, but what else can we, as lawyers, do?


1.  Get in insiders understanding of your options

2.  Gain a better understanding of your own skills, preferences and needs

3. Learn to communicate your competencies, goals and qualifications

4. Demonstrate your good judgment, work ethic and intellectual curiosity


 Rachelle, who is starting our her career as a Big Law attorney, asked what she can do to set herself up for her financial future.


I share my top three tips: 

1. Invest in your future by maxing out on your 401K

2. PRioritize loan repayment without going overboard

3. Manage your largest expenses carefully