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The Happy Lawyer Project is an inspirational podcast for young lawyers looking to find happiness in life with a law degree. Each episode provides the tips, advice, encouragement and inspiration you need to craft a life and career you love. Welcome to the Happy Lawyer Project!

Oct 9, 2018

On this month's Q&A episode I address the following three listeners' questions: 

1. Calla on IG asks: Would love to hear 1. How you went from Big Law to corporate Law 2. What that transition was like for yo? Also tips for resumes. Would love to just get feedback even from guests on resumes and what they personally look for or have on theirs.

2. Sincerely_emilee on IG asked "I would like to hear more about life hacks and happiness, but I had to pick one probably happiness. I love learning more about how to stay balanced and figuring out my priorities."
3. Nicole on IG asked "what are the key lessons that you've learned from interviewing lawyers for over three years?"